Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas activities

. Saturday, December 26, 2009

I guess we aren't a very traditional family. I was having a big craving for Egg Foo Yung, and when I mentioned it, the rest of my family said they were as well and we decided to make it for Christmas dinner. I had never made it before, but it was actually pretty easy and turned out yummy.

Then we went to see Santaland Diaries at Zach Scott Theater. It was funny.

When all the festivities were settled, I went straight to my art desk for some sculpting. I'm working on making my first 1/24th scale doll and a 1/12th scale elderly man. Here's the man's head. Nothing like a Christmas with heads baking in the oven. I think I like him bald and may leave him that way.


Sue said...

LOL, well we had our Christmas dinner today. Yesterday morning kind of got away on us and we decided to just relax and enjoy the day without the pressure of getting that turkey cooked. I think maybe this will become a new tradition for us.

I really like your little bald man head - I would leave him without hair.

PolkadotToadstool said...

That sounds like a good idea. It does seem to get get a bit crazy sometimes. We just had fun together playing Wii Resort Sports and watching movies.