Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Mother's Day Gift

. Saturday, May 15, 2010

For Mother's Day I wanted to finally get in all the doors and windows for my house. I ordered them early so they would be here for Mother's Day and I could spend my day getting them all installed.

Fortunately, the house's previous owner had cut most of the windows to the size I needed. I did have to cut a different size for the front door, the attic window, and I put a door on the third floor as I am going to add on a balcony.

I got them all cut and just stuck in there and the house is already looking so much better. I'm excited to see it with doors and windows. It gives it a whole new life. I got the kind of windows that could open and close and the attic windows swing out.

I started the painting, at least on the outside of the windows and doors, but not the inside yet. I have everything sitting there so when we are watching TV shows I like I can paint. I also realized I forgot to buy the door knobs and I'll need to go back and clean up the paint I got on the glass.

And just because ---- here's a picture of my little dog Tink sleeping in her hammock with her tongue hanging out.


Sue said...

A very fun way to spend Mother's Day. I've never worked on a doll house, however I imagine that it is very exciting to see it all coming together.

Love your little puppy - the tongue is just too cute.


Peach Blossom Hill said...

Your house is looking so good! I finally got the wiring done on Joanna's house yesterday and though it was quite an ordeal involving two broken punch bits, a punctured finger, tape to cover where I put the brads into the wrong two strips to begin with, my husband checking where it all went horribly wrong twice, hemostats and several broken sewing machine needles, it is finally done. Than a friend on Facebook casually mentioned that she hopes it doesn't short out now!


dale said...

The house looks great! What a difference the windows and doors make.

Puppy looks cute in the hamock. :)