Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fairy and witch hand

. Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ADO's Spring Enchantment Challenge has come to an end and I made it in the nick of time getting my Fairy with the Caterpillar done. Next in my dolly world, I'm ready to get started on an Alice and Wonderland doll. I'm still not entirely sure what I want to do, I have so many ideas, I can't decide what to settle on.

In the mini world, I got in 12 windows and two doors for my big doll house which I'm excited about because then I start getting to the pretty stuff which is more fun for me than the building part.

Team MIDS (Miniatures in Doll House scale) is doing an Alien Challenge this month which sounds like fun so I'm going to make a mini alien. So far, I got his eye made.

Recently I inherited some minis from a family member and in there was a little red apple. So I made the witch's hand from Snow White to hold that little apple. I put it in my Etsy shop, but I really like it and am going to make one for myself as well.


Sue said...

Hee, I was just in the nic of time with my ADO Spring piece too, and am also wondering what to do for the Alice challenge. Choices! choices!

I LOVE the witch hand - that is fabulous!



PolkadotToadstool said...

I hear ya, Sue. The hardest part of Alice is that there are just way to many good choices. I think I've narrowed it down to an Alice or the Caterpillar.

Daydream Retreat said...

Love the witch hand!

attaya said...

love the creative works!! your fairy are great!

[OKAY BONES] said...

The little apple is adorable! I came across this accidentally while searching for "witch hand" <3